We Are Trump’s Platform

By Julian Rodriguez, ElectroMedios.com

Donald Trump says something despicable and TV ratings go up. Television news is his platform, the best one. The only one. Providing primacy to incompetent candidates like Donald Trump often creates more confusion than clarity; it’s like releasing the Kraken in times of peace dialogues.

Trump leads on polls not because his ideas are White House worthy, but because he has successfully fragmented the competition, hijacked America’s rundowns, and targeted American misconceptions of the world. Sounds like a business plan… because he’s a business man.

Univision and FOX News are preaching to the choir—we know that—and by doing so they stay relevant and profitable… at a public interest cost. The time our newscasts devote to Trump is time we do not use to inform our audience about real long-term problems: this is the perfect climate for Capitol Hill deals.

The news media is missing the big story and we will continue to miss it for as long as we prolong our affair with well-funded irrelevant political candidates sprouting scattered and ill-informed ideas. News producers need to refocus.









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