Millennials for Sale

By Julian Rodriguez,

Millennials, that noisy word that’s being used like plastic bags by all industries. Millennials! Millennials! Millennials! That’s all I hear with nausea, and sentences containing such word often show dangerous assumption levels (like radon at home). We often blame Millennials for their choices while forgetting we created this world for them.

I hear: Millennials want everything digital, online, for free. How do we make money out of this generation? Our business models are upside down! We can’t pay bills with everything digital, online, and free! –Ask The New York Times.

Well, there’s a reason Millennials want everything digital, online, and free: Millennials are broke. They grew up in an unfavorable economic climate, have no disposable income, and are hitting a market with stagnant salaries. Of course they want products and services to be inexpensive and omnipresent; they have to decide whether they should buy personal hygiene products or pay their cable TV bill. “To hell with cable TV, I need toothpaste! I need tampons! I need underwear!” That’s what I hear from Millennials; I work with them. That’s reality.

So this “choice” vortex generated by Millennials is not only the consequence of available digital networks and everything online, but, above everything, the hangover of a vulgar Wall Street party. Poverty changes demand and supply, and gross unequal distribution of power, wealth, and education leads to messy pseudo revolutions –Ask Venezuelans.

You want a working business model? Hire Millennials and pay them a decent salary.









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